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2 Kneiklia
Larvik, Vestfold, 3261

 100% Organic and Fair Trade Certified Clothing with Super Creative Designs!


About us

EARTHEREAL™ is a Norwegian fashion brand, dedicated to making 100% Organic, Fair Trade Certified and Unique Clothing for a young and environmentally aware audience.

About us

EARTHEREAL™ was founded in the summer of 2015 on the principles that all of our clothing would be no less than 100% Organic, Fair Trade Certified and Unique.

We had long gone tired of the 'run of the mill' looking organic and fair clothes and wanted to make something truly interesting and creative on its own.

This, we found by collaborating with the awesome Pieces of Andromeda, using pictures of celestial nebulaes taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and re-used in a digital version of the ancient pietra dura style of mosaics.

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why organic?

We believe in the ever present dynamic cycle of nature, and in the conventional ways of agriculture.

A lot of recent research as linked GMO (gene modified) cotton and the use of multiple pesticides to drastic incidents such as erosion of soil, contaminated water supplies, poor heath of cotton farmers and the mass-death of pollinating bees.

We believe that experimenting with nature without knowing the full scale of the long-term consequences is taking so-called innovation too far.

To understand what's good for the future health of our planet, we must take a look back to how things have worked millennials before our industrial revolution turned agriculture upside-down.

We believe that organic cotton is the right way forward.


The clothing industry is on a global scale the world's second most polluting industry. This should however come as no surprise, considering the mass amount of cheap clothing that is rushed out of foreign factory buildings every week, to accommodate the latest trends and sales targets dictated by the industry's big retail chains.

While nearly all of the world's commodities have risen in cost during the last three decades (also counting inflation), the price of clothing has actually declined in that same period of time, putting the pressure on the industry to deliver cheaper and faster clothes - the so-called Fast Fashion phenomenon.

While machines have taken over a lot of manual work in the last years, the making of clothes is still very labor intensive. With an ever-increasing pressure to deliver cheaper and faster, a lot of what used to be made in China has now been outsourced to largely undeveloped countries like Bangladesh, where the infrastructure and worker's rights is far from being considered.

Episodes such as the Rana Plaza collapse shows us the true effects of fast fashion, and we believe the exploitation of workers has gone too far.

Therefore, we invest only in clothing that has been made in Fairtrade certified factories, where the textile workers are guaranteed a living wage and social rights. The certification program also supports further infrastructure and support of organic agricultural communities.

Fair Trade and Organic production often goes hand in hand - in our case, a hundred per cent!


1. Organic Cotton Farming

Chetna Organic Farmers Association

Chetna Organic Farmers Association is a co-op that provides support for cotton farmers to switch to organic and fair trade practices.

Read more about Chetna Organic HERE.

 From the Chetna Organic farmlands, India

From the Chetna Organic farmlands, India


2. Manufacturing

Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills (RCM)

Rajlakshmi is one of the most committed manufacturers in ethical fashion – from farmer to finished product - with strong ties with the farmers of the Chetna Organic co-op.

Read more about RCM HERE.

 Spinning the yarn inside the RCM factory in Kolkata, India.

Spinning the yarn inside the RCM factory in Kolkata, India.



Real Merch Co.

We are proud to be working with one of the best-quality printers in the U.S.A. Real Merch Co. is based in Maryland, and specializes in high-quality, eco-friendly printing. All of our coloured T-shirts are done with water-based DTG inks.

Read more about Real Merch Co. HERE.

 A typical DTG printer

A typical DTG printer


We are COTTONED ON! Read more about the GOTS iniciative HERE.



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