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2 Kneiklia
Larvik, Vestfold, 3261

 100% Organic and Fair Trade Certified Clothing with Super Creative Designs!


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New Lookbook-pictures are up!

Jon Vegard Naess

Hello there! ;D

We've just had some new pics for our Lookbook come up on!

Have a look at some lovely photographs taken by the magnificent Strobe Foto in Vestfold!

 'Cosmic Elephant' in sunset.

'Cosmic Elephant' in sunset.

We'll be back with more exciting news soon, so stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way - we now have FREE SHIPPING on all orders on our Webshop!

See u soon! :D


Lookbook coming along...

Jon Vegard Naess

It's been a very hectic few days at the EARTHEREAL office since our very fun launch party a couple of weeks ago.

While we've been busy behind the computer screens and packing tees at the warehouse, our friends at Strobe Foto have been busy shooting photos for our fist lookbook, which is really starting to come along - just in time for the holidays!

 Our lovely model Ina!

Our lovely model Ina!

The idea behind this Lookbook is to approach our philosophy of "urban meets natural" in a artistically cool way, and Stian (at Strobe) has been hard at work capturing the right moments at the right time of day.

Apparently, the best time to photoshoot outdoors in daytime is to wait until the sun is just about to set, he revealed to us. This creates the optimal conditions for a cool looking photo that will naturally burst with colours if done correctly.

Something to think about when you grab your digital cam the next time! ;D

Stay tuned here for more awesome lookbook pictures, and be sure to give our tees a closer look online at


Introducing Pieces Of Andromeda

Jon Vegard Naess

We're incredibly happy to announce a co-op with Pieces Of Andromeda, which has helped us colour the first collection of 100% organic and Fairtrade-licensed tees.


The colours used are actually from Hubble Space telescope pictures of celestial nebulas - the incredible and vivid places out in the galaxies where new stars are born!

The motives in the first collection will be called Cosmic Elephant, Earth Mandala, Ethereal Cat and Yin Yan Mandala.

For a closer look, go over to on Thursday and have a super-closeup look at

Enjoy! :D